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About Us

PT. Indotama Omicron Kahar is a wood products manufacturer based in Indonesia. We offer a wide range of wood processed panels such as plywood, blockboard, platform, and LVL to customers all over the world. In order to deliver the highest quality products to our customer, we produce everything in-house. These include lumber core, core veneer and face-back veneer.
We put emphasis on quality and green management; therefore, we choose to use raw materials that are grown out of plantation in order to prevent further deforestation in Indonesia.

With more than twenty years of experience, PT. Indotama Omicron Kahar offers an unmatched combination of:

1. Excellent quality products
2. Guarantee on time delivery
3. Competitive prices
4. Excellent customer service

Membership :

1. Indonesian Wood Panel Association (APKINDO)

2. Indonesian Sawmill and Woodworking Association (ISWA)

3. Badan Revitalisasi Industri Kehutanan (BRIK)

4. Chamber of Commerce (KADIN)